Sweating on Sunday: Weight Bearing Exercises

Updated 3/14/2021 Osteoporosis is a common ailment as we get older, especially for women.  At the end of this article will be some sources for you to learn more about preventing Osteoporosis.  Keeping bones strong, and even possibly building new bone, takes weight bearing exercises at a high enough impact.  I walk a lot, but I have to consider that it might not be enough to alleviate my risk of Osteoporosis, and bone injuries.

So, what are weight bearing exercises?  Generally any activity that your feet are having impact with the floor, ground, or hard surface.   Walking, running, treadmills, elliptical machines, aerobics, dancing, these are all considered weight bearing activities.  Swimming, gardening, bike riding, etc are non weight bearing activities, though still very good for you as they build strength, balance, and burn calories. Walking and elliptical machines may not be intense enough to be effective, but if you can get the intensity high enough it can work, like adding inclines, or going faster.  While all of these activities can address the bones in the lower body, you have to consider the bones in the upper body.

That is where weight lifting, and exercise bands come in.  Now, I am not talking about lifting super heavy weights, light dumb bells, exercise bands, or tubes will work.  I am not sure if Isometric exercises would be effective for bone growth, but they are great for toning for people who may not be able to tolerate lifting weights.  All of the bones need weight bearing exercises.

These exercises may not be healthy for everyone.  You should always discuss with your health care provider to be sure, and they may recommend a Physical Therapy evaluation if you already have bone issues, or are at risk.  Don’t injure yourself!  That is what you are trying to prevent.  Always remember everyone is different, and not one blanket statement, or program will work for all people.

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