Sweating on Sunday

So, I am going to devote Sundays to doing posts about all forms of exercise.  Since I love to walk, my first Sweating on Sunday post will be for  Sweatcoin.  This is not a paid post.  I learned about Sweatcoin a few days ago.  Basically you get paid to walk outside.  It has to be outside, and yes they can tell.  I walk a lot, both at my job indoors, and outdoors on leisure time.  I get no credit for walk time at work.  You do have to have a smart phone, and you have to allow them to access your GPS.  I have earned 4 dollars in 4 days.  Now they don’t pay cash, though I have seen some in the store, but you use the money to purchase services or merchandise.  It also looks like there may be a cap for free members, that is me.  I will know for sure when I hit the 10 dollar earned mark.  I may upgrade, because I walk a lot outdoors.  It might be worth it to me.  Of course you have to make sure you have your phone with you when you walk outdoors.  If you are interested click here,  to visit their website.

If you want someone to walk with, ask about my Walking Buddy plan.  I will walk with you while we talk on the phone.  It is a win win.  Use the contact form below to contact me to set up a free email meet and greet.  All customers have to do the meet and greet, for any of my plans.