Sweating on Sunday: Weight Bearing Exercises

Updated 3/14/2021 Osteoporosis is a common ailment as we get older, especially for women.  At the end of this article will be some sources for you to learn more about preventing Osteoporosis.  Keeping bones strong, and even possibly building new bone, takes weight bearing exercises at a high enough impact.  I walk a lot, but I have to consider that it might not be enough to alleviate my risk of Osteoporosis, and bone injuries.

So, what are weight bearing exercises?  Generally any activity that your feet are having impact with the floor, ground, or hard surface.   Walking, running, treadmills, elliptical machines, aerobics, dancing, these are all considered weight bearing activities.  Swimming, gardening, bike riding, etc are non weight bearing activities, though still very good for you as they build strength, balance, and burn calories. Walking and elliptical machines may not be intense enough to be effective, but if you can get the intensity high enough it can work, like adding inclines, or going faster.  While all of these activities can address the bones in the lower body, you have to consider the bones in the upper body.

That is where weight lifting, and exercise bands come in.  Now, I am not talking about lifting super heavy weights, light dumb bells, exercise bands, or tubes will work.  I am not sure if Isometric exercises would be effective for bone growth, but they are great for toning for people who may not be able to tolerate lifting weights.  All of the bones need weight bearing exercises.

These exercises may not be healthy for everyone.  You should always discuss with your health care provider to be sure, and they may recommend a Physical Therapy evaluation if you already have bone issues, or are at risk.  Don’t injure yourself!  That is what you are trying to prevent.  Always remember everyone is different, and not one blanket statement, or program will work for all people.

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Is Organic Farming Better For the Environment?

Updated 3/15/2022: In reference to the section about growing my own vegetables, each year has been a little bit different. Last year we actually built raised beds and had mixed results. I learned that I need to plant my warmer vegetables in the Fall, protect them through the Winter, and then hopefully harvest them before the Summer heat begins in May. In 2021 I had decent success with herbs and fruits, but not so good with vegetables.

There is a lot of info that goes into this topic, and I will share 2 sources at the end, but the basic answer is yes.  Last week, I talked about the actual nutrition content of organic foods.  You can see that article in the archives.  Next week, the final week for this topic, I will talk about the humanity of organic farming.

Certified organic farmers can not use any synthetic fertilizers, or pest control, and can not use GMO seeds.  They have to clean up pesticides from the soil, and any water pollution, before they can plant organic foods.  This is a big part of why organic foods cost more.  They also must rotate their crops, every year or bi-year, to keep the soil healthy.  If you have been listening to the news then you know that Monsanto, owner of Roundup, has been slapped with some pretty expensive lawsuit wins, due to Roundup causing Cancer.  I am not knocking Roundup, I am just saying.  Synthetic fertilizers, and pest control agents, pollute the soil and water supplies.  I would rather not eat or drink poison, if at all possible.

However, that brings me to the next point.  Sustainability, productivity, and the ability to feed the billions in this world are some of the main hindrances to organic farming.  If it isn’t sustainable, which they are still doing studies on, then investors probably won’t invest.  If it produces too low of yield to feed billions of people, then it will never be a mainstream option. One very interesting fact, according to NIH, wealthier countries waste up to 1/3 or 33% of all foods.  That is just awful when there are starving people.   I personally think money should be invested in education for families doing small organic farming.  Even if they can only do container gardens because they live in urban areas.

I love Gardening.  I am pretty good at growing flowers, and yes some I can eat.  However, they can not sustain me or my family, either in productivity or nutrition.  I have started some vegetables, this year, and herbs.  We live in Florida, and the Summers are brutal, so I will have to be creative in keeping them watered, as we pay our water bill, and a high water bill is not sustainable to us.  I only planted what I know we will eat.  I would love to do a grain, but I simply do not have space for that.

So, now I am learning about freezing, drying, and canning in the hopes of a high yield.  The leaf lettuce we can eat all year if I can keep it cool enough.  Cilantro I can also harvest all year.  We just had a hail storm the other night, very rare also in Florida.  We had inches of hail in our small town.  It did damage some of my tomato plants, but they are pretty hearty and should be OK.  I did read that some of the local watermelon farms had extensive damage to their crop.

I encourage you to try organic, even if it is in small amounts.  We are not yet 100% organic.  The meat and dairy is incredibly expensive.  But, I do try to buy meat with no antibiotics or preservatives.  We have cut down our meat consumption by at least 70%, and I eat very little dairy.  I do eat eggs because I need them to meet dietary requirements, but I buy them in organic varieties.  Try planting something small, like an herb garden.  It is a great way to relax, unwind, talk to yourself, sing, whatever.  If you really want to learn something interesting look up the history of GMO seeds.  It started way back in the Dust Bowl.  PBS has a great documentary on the Dust Bowl.




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Wisdom Wednesday

Updated 3/16/2022

I especially love the first tip, exercise to be fit not skinny.  I can attest that not everyone can be skinny.  I build muscle fairly easily, and it adds bulk and weight.  According to my fitness tracker, my daily activities are burning plenty of calories, yet chubby I still am.  But, I am stronger, have better endurance, balance, and feel great!  I will stick with those stats.  I do lose weight, but man it is slow as a snail, like a couple ounces a week, snail pace. If you have a chronic illness, like me, this topic is even more complicated.

With so many people struggling with weight and body image, changing your mindset can be the first step to better health.

What wise tips do you have?

This is the link to the image if you want to visit the source.


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Memory Care: Learn A New Word A Week

If you are following along, this is word #11.  All the previous words can be found in the archives.  The word for this week is, chromosome.  Most of you may already know the definition of this word. Can you use it in a sentence?  Remember write the word in your journal ten times with the definition.  Then say out loud the word, and the definition.  Then go over the whole list saying it out loud, with the definition.  Then try testing yourself to see if you know them all.  Don’t forget to use the word in a sentence.  Sometimes it can help you figure out the word you are looking for.  How are you doing?  If you are having a hard time, try writing them out, and saying them out loud as you write.  So far I am doing good.  The list is getting longer now, so it will start to get harder.

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Sweating on Sunday

So, I am going to devote Sundays to doing posts about all forms of exercise.  Since I love to walk, my first Sweating on Sunday post will be for  Sweatcoin.  This is not a paid post.  I learned about Sweatcoin a few days ago.  Basically you get paid to walk outside.  It has to be outside, and yes they can tell.  I walk a lot, both at my job indoors, and outdoors on leisure time.  I get no credit for walk time at work.  You do have to have a smart phone, and you have to allow them to access your GPS.  I have earned 4 dollars in 4 days.  Now they don’t pay cash, though I have seen some in the store, but you use the money to purchase services or merchandise.  It also looks like there may be a cap for free members, that is me.  I will know for sure when I hit the 10 dollar earned mark.  I may upgrade, because I walk a lot outdoors.  It might be worth it to me.  Of course you have to make sure you have your phone with you when you walk outdoors.  If you are interested click here,  to visit their website.

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Foodie Friday: Ezekiel Bread

Welcome to Foodie Friday!  Today, I am going talk to you about, Ezekiel Bread.  The kind I buy is the whole grain kind.  There are other varieties, but this is the one I chose to start with.  This is my first time trying this bread.  This is not a paid post.

First let me start by saying this is not the most delicious bread I have ever eaten.  Matter of fact it isn’t delicious much at all.  So, if flavor is super important to you, this particular bread may not work.  This bread is also the first Organic bread I have tried.  No one else will eat this but me, lol, at my house.

So, why did I buy this bread?  There are several reasons, and they are listed below.

  1.  I follow a low sodium diet.  Most sandwich bread, or rolls, has at least 140mg of sodium per slice.  So just the bread for a sandwich, would have at least 280mg of sodium.  So, I stopped eating bread, for the most part.  With Summer coming, and it is brutal in Florida, we don’t cook a lot with the stove or oven.  That means sandwiches are on the menu.  If I toast this bread, I like it even more, and it makes a nice sandwich for me.  One slice of this Ezekiel bread has only 75mg of sodium.
  2.  I like that it is Organic, very low fat, low gylcemic index, good amount of Iron, and Fiber per serving.

There are some downfalls, though.

1.  Besides flavor, this bread is kind of high in Phosphorus, 8% per slice.  So, one sandwich and I am at 16% for the day, and that percentage is for someone who does not have CKD.  So, I have to make sure I am paying attention to other Phosphorus I may get throughout the day.

2.  It is not cheap, but I don’t find most of the non Organic good breads are cheap either.  I can remember when bread was .25, that is how old I am, lol.

3.  It has to stay refrigerated.  This is a pain for me, because it is just one more thing taking up space in the fridge, but I deal with it.

4.  Because it is Organic, with no preservatives, it has a much shorter shelf life.  In the Summer months this will not be an issue, because like I said we eat sandwiches.  But, I probably will not buy this in the Winter months, because I just won’t eat it fast enough.  Which brings me to the last point.  We live in Florida.  We get hurricanes, and even without a hurricane, losing power is always possible.  As such, we have had to evacuate once, in the 15 years we have lived here.  We had no power for a week.  This bread would most likely not survive that, as I wouldn’t be able to refrigerate it, without a generator.  I will be doing a post, probably next week about disaster preparation, for people with CKD.  I did one before, on my homeschool blog, but it needs updating, and lots of new info learned.  I can tell you there is not a lot of Organic foods I can stock pile due to shelf life.  So, that has to be kept in mind.

You can read the rest of the info about Ezekiel Bread, by looking at the images below.

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Have You Jumped On the Organic Wagon, Yet?

Updated 3/28/2022: This was written 3 years ago, and organic foods are even more expensive now due to inflation.

OK, so there is a lot of talk about Organic foods, non-GMO, etc.  There are skeptics, and there are true believers.  Full disclosure we are now 85-90% organic family.  Like most people, I complained about how much more expensive buying Organic is.  But, by taking all the junk out of our diet, or most of it, like cookies, crackers, chips, soda, etc I have been able to save enough money in our food budget to actually afford Organic foods.  Yes, read that again!  So, on a fixed budget, it definitely can be done.  We have also reduced our meat consumption by 50-75%, again saving us a huge amount of money in the food budget.  Don’t worry no one is malnourished, probably better nourished.  There are several reasons for choosing Organic, and over the next few Thursdays, I will address them separately.  Today, I will discuss the nutrition of organic foods and their taste.

To be clear the nutrition of a product is just the nutrition, ie how much vitamins, protein, and other minerals is in the product.  So, I did some research and there have been over 200 studies on the topic of the nutrition of the foods.  Again, remember nutrition is not chemicals, toxins, etc, it is the straight-up nutrition facts.  Organic foods vs, non-organic foods, are not more nutritious.  They have the same, or very close to the nutritious contents of the non-organic varieties, with 2 exceptions.  Apparently, Phosphorus and Omega 3’s,  are higher in Organic foods.  If you have kidney disease the Phosphorus may be troubling.  But, remember that plant-based foods with Phosphorus are not absorbed well in the body.  I think it is 60% of the Phosphorus in plant-based foods is absorbed in the body.  Whereas Phosphorus from meat sources is 100% absorbed in the body.  Omega 3, I am sure you have heard is very important to the health of humans.  So, one article I found said to focus on free-range eggs, as the Organic option for Omega 3’s  Again, if you have CKD, eating the egg yolk of a whole egg, is where all the Phosphorus is.  Since eggs are not a plant-based food, you would be absorbing 100% of the Phosphorus.  Free-range egg whites would be a better option.

Now for the taste.  I read lots of articles where some people said yes, Organic tastes much better, but others said no.  Go figure, right?  My family finds that Organic foods taste much better, with the exception of dairy.  I don’t really eat dairy foods, so I have to take their words for it.  My son especially did not care for Organic milk.  He said it has absolutely no taste, though it did not taste bad and did the job on his cereal.  We also do not eat Organic meat, because well I just can’t afford the cost of the meat.  Even with the budget changes, the meat is just too cost-prohibitive.  I try to get no antibiotics or preservatives instead.  But, fresh fruits and vegetables, definitely have a much better flavor.  I think this might be due to the fact that Organic foods will not have an as long shelf life.  So, they are picked and sold at their peak of freshness.

What do you think? Do you try to fit organic foods into your budget?

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Wisdom on Wednesday

I love this quote from, Buddha.

Health is the greatest gift.  It is of utmost importance, in my opinion.  Health is a term defined in many ways by different people.

Contentment is the greatest wealth.  I posted about this before, how we live on a budget, yet we are very content with what we have, instead of what we want.

Faithfulness is the best relationship.  If you have ever been in a relationship where one was unfaithful this has powerful meaning.


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Memory Care: Learn A New Word A Week Challenge

OK, back to my regular scheduled posts.  This week, we are on our 10th word, Chicanery.  That means you will have memorized 10 words.  Are you testing yourself, to see if you are remembering them?  Write the word of the week, in your journal, 10 times each with the definition.  Then go back over it and say it 10 times out loud.  For some people saying it while you write it works even better.  Use the word in a sentence, and write out the sentence 10 times.   Now, go back over the other 9 words, say the word, close your eyes and see if you can visualize the definition.  Practice these each week, or more often if you are having a hard time remembering them.  How are you doing?  Leave me a comment, and let me know you have joined in.  All of the previous words can be found in the archives at the bottom of this blog.

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