Medication Reminders

So, I was looking at some work from home job websites, and I saw a job posting for a Medication Reminder.  I was curious, as I was not sure what exactly that was, but new with pure confidence it was something I was qualified for.  So, I went to the website and in the requirements it stated you absolutely can NOT be a nurse, or other medical professional.  What?  But, it did get me thinking.  I am adding medication reminders to the options available to clients.  It is a stand alone option, and would be under Add Ons, which is $50 per month.  You will still need to use the contact button, at the top of this blog to message me, and request a free meet and greet to discuss medication reminders.  Anytime you message me for a free meet and greet, please mention what it is you are looking to accomplish, like medication reminders, walking buddy, monthly plan, etc.  I surely can help you, or your loved one remember to take medications on time.


March Calendar and Special


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