March Calendar, and March Special

First let me tell you about the March special.  You still can take advantage of the February special, until the 28th, which is 10% off the monthly plan.  You can see all the available plans below, and prices.  You can message me at any time to learn what each package entails.  For the month of March, this can not be combined with the February special, but you buy one 30 day plan, and you get the next month 50% off.  With warmer weather on the way, I will be revving up the Walking Buddy plan.  Once it gets too hot here in Florida, I will have to scale that plan back to be only indoor walking.  Watch for specials starting in April.  Walking Buddy plan is done over the phone, or Skype if allowable.  Use the calendar to decide on a date for a free meet and greet, and then message me.  I am only accepting 4 clients per month.  If you have health goals, or lifestyle goals you would like to meet, then give me a try.










Meet and Greet w/Assessment 1 free 0
Health Buddy Basic- 30 days $75
Health Buddy Moderate- 90 days
Add Ons- 30 days
Walking Buddy- 30 days

March Calendar

March 1-  Full

March 2-  Can  do meet and greet

March 3-  Can do meet and greet

March 4-  open

March 5-  Full

March 6-  open

March 7- open

March 8-  full

March 9-  full

March 10-  full

March 11-  open

March 12-  open

March 13-  full

March 14-  open

March 15- full

March 16-  full

March 17-  full

March 18-  open

March 19-  full

March 20-  open

March 21-  open

March 22-  open

March 23-  full

March 24-  full

March 25-  open

March 26-  open

March 27-  full

March 28-  open

March 29-  full

March 30-  can do meet and greet

March 31-  can do meet and greet



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