Fitbit vs Samsung Health and Other Updates

Update time!  This blog now has 18 followers, woot woot.  I am hoping to have at least 100 by the end of the year, and at least 1 customer.  I still have to upgrade the blog, and do some more SEO, and advertising.  All that comes with time.  This Thursday’s post will be on Stress and Cardiac Disease.  March is Kidney Awareness month, so you can probably guess what my scheduled posts will be about.  I sent my first advocacy letter, yesterday, for the National Kidney Foundation.  Keep reading to get my thoughts on Fitbit, Samsung Health, Carb Cycling, and Plant Based Diets.  I am up to 8,000 steps per day, with a goal of 10,000.

First the Fitbit vs Samsung Health App.  My husband got me a Fitbit for Valentine’s Day.  This was unexpected, but he has heard me complain that the Samsung Health app, on my phone was not counting all my steps, and boy was that an understatement.

Fitbit:  The Fitbit is a watch that you wear on your wrist.  I can almost fit it on my ankle, which would be useful.  Why, because when you are for example walking through the grocery store, it is not counting your steps, because you are pushing a shopping cart.  Your arm must be swinging when walking in order for it to count the steps.  That is con number one.  Con number two is the heart rate feature.  I am a nurse, so of course I know how to count my pulse.  The Fitbit gets the resting heart rate correct, but the second I start to walk, or exercise, at a good clips, it shoots up well into the 100’s.  I check my heart rate to compare, as this is alarming to me, and it is way, way off.  So, that feature is useless.  It also does not seem to count my Fitness Walking as exercise, so again that feature is not helpful.  The time, and date is nice, but for a nurse there is no second hand to count pulse or resp, so I have to wear two watches when I work.  Again, not really helpful.  I do love it for accurately counting my steps, when my arm is able to swing.  It is modern looking, and comfortable to wear.  I do wish it was waterproof.

Samsung Health App:  Before I got the Fitbit, I used the Samsung Health app on my phone.  It is a great little app.  It however does not accurately count my steps.  It was off by 3000 steps the day the phone was in my pocket at work.  That is a huge discrepancy.  It also means you constantly have to have the phone in your pocket, or otherwise on your person.  For some people I am sure that is OK, for me it is a pain.  I very often forget to have it with me.  It is better at keeping track of my fitness minutes, as the Fitbit did not count my Fitness Walking as exercise time.  So, between the two I might get an accurate account of my day.

Carb Cycling Diet:  If you read this blog, then you know I tried the Carb Cycling.  Carb Cycling is alternating between low carb days, and normal carb days.  For me, I did not go under 50 carbs per day, on low carb days.  At first I felt good, and even lost a few pounds.  But, after 3 days, or so, the extra protein, fat, and phosphorus started to make me feel not so good.  Now, maybe that was psychological, but I also put the weight back on, which is obviously not a goal.  Carb Cycling did not work for me, and is quite expensive to stick with.

Plant Based Diet:  You can probably guess what kind of diet this is.  It is plant based, with little to no meat, or dairy.  Organic, no GMO, and avoiding processed foods is a must.  Whole Plant Based means you absolutely only eat foods from plants, and no oils, butter, or processed foods.  That will never be me.  With CKD, I have to be sure and get enough Iron, and Protein.  Plus, a plant based diet is very low in sodium, which is good.  But, the body needs sodium to function properly.  I think I was not getting enough on this diet, and was starting to show some symptoms of Hyponatremia.  So, I had to add some table salt to my food, normally a no no for CKD.  The headaches I was experiencing went away very quickly after adding some salt to my food.  So, while plant based is probably the healthiest and best option, for all humans, you still have to be mindful of all nutrients you are consuming, and symptoms of possibly not getting enough.  Full disclosure I will never give up real butter, Olive Oil, Mayonnaise, or real cheese should I want it.  I eat organic, Omega 3 eggs at least a couple times a week.  I have a sensitivity to Soy, so that is not an option for me, including Tofu.

Message me if you would like to work with me to learn how to meet your diet goals.



6 thoughts on “Fitbit vs Samsung Health and Other Updates

  1. My tracker that I wear is a garmin vivofit. It’s the first gen vivofit, so it does not have some of the better features that the vivofit 4 (4th gen) has, but I cant justify the cost of getting a new one or different model garmin.
    Like the fitbit it does not count steps well when I’m grocery shopping and does not count steps well when I’m on my exercise bike.
    However some of the pros of it is that its water resistant and rated for swimming. So I dont ever have to take it off. I wear it when washing dishes by hand, showering, swimming.
    The other pro is that it runs on a couple of watch batteries. So I never have to charge it or take it off to be charge. The batteries last for about one year. Perhaps a little longer. Unsure. I got it in November so I replace the batteries the first 2 weeks of November. I have never let it go longer to see if the batteries last longer.


      • It’s one of the lower end options that Garmin has to offer, but like Fitbit they have several options in multitude in price ranges all having pro/cons. I wished it had some other features like text messaging or calling from the wrist, but I like the swim rating and never having to charge it more.


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