Foodie Friday, on Saturday

Well you know how it goes.  Friday was a crazy day, and I didn’t even turn my computer on. I do check my emails for any potential meet and greets, but that is on my phone.  So, for this week, Foodie Friday, is on Saturday.  Today I will talk about nutrition and Cardiac Disease, plus how it effects people with CKD.  Always, remember to check my disclaimer page, and remember for February you get 10% off the monthly health coach plan.  Use the contact button to message me for a free meet and greet.  Tomorrow will be an update day.

So, for me the two most important things that have to do with nutrition and Cardiac Disease, is sodium intake and fat intake.  If you have CKD, you should already be following a 2G or low sodium diet.  A 2G sodium diet is equivalent to 2,000 mg per day, and trust me that is not a lot.  I will update tomorrow on the specifics, but I have found the best way to stick to a 2G sodium diet, is following a plant based diet.  There are variations to it, including the DASH diet, Inflammation Diet, and the Whole Plant Based Diet.  I am sure there are others, but those are the ones I am familiar with.  For me, I am somewhere in between all of them.  I don’t know if I well ever be WPB because I do not intend to give up oil, butter, or real mayonnaise.  Plus, I get my Omega 3’s from eggs from chickens fed Omega 3’s.  That is because I absolutely hate fish, and fish oils makes me so bloated and gassy I could die.  I do not eat a lot of eggs, anyhow, or butter, or mayo, so I think I am good with that.  Plant based means you eat most, or all of food that comes from plants.  Fruits, veggies, whole grains, pasta, beans, nuts, and seeds.  It is generally low in sodium, unless you are buying canned.  If you must buy canned, go for organic, they are generally lower in sodium, or frozen if you can’t buy fresh.  I prefer frozen , or fresh, except for beans.  I have no patience for making baked beans.  For CKD be careful of potassium levels, and sugar for Diabetes.  It is kind of a pain, and can take forever in the grocery store, checking all those labels, but once you learn your favorites, and best options for you, then you will know what to get.  Protein should not be an issue if you have CKD, because like for me stage 3, 50G of protein is what I should be getting.  That is not hard to obtain.  However, if you don’t have CKD, but do have Cardiac Disease, be sure and ask your doctor how much protein your body needs.  We are all different.  You may need more protein if you have any kind of a healing wound.  So, again a doctor can refer you to a Dietitian.

Your body absolutely needs some fats.  According to my research, people with Cardiac Disease, or trying to stay heart healthy, should consume no more than 78 grams of fat per day, and those should be the unsaturated, not saturated kind.  Again, getting used to reading labels.  For me, because I love continuity, I will stick with 50 grams of fat for me, as with protein.  If you have CKD, remember that pre packaged foods labeled low fat, except for part skim dairy products, something else has to replace the fat that is removed.  Very often what is put in is phosphorus based preservatives.  This is a no, no if  you have CKD.  It is much better to calculate the fat in a serving, and then eat only enough fat to stay in your limit.  I was asked my the National Kidney Foundation to do my first advocate assignment, writing to our new Congress members about my kidney story.  One of the things I will emphasize is the need for Phosphorus amounts per serving to be on all food labels.  I will be working on that today.  Wish me luck!  Learn about fats, and the different kinds of fats.  If you need assistance with this, or need help reading a food label. I can help.  Message me for a free meet and greet.  My last post, for February will be on Cholesterol, a very special fat, especially dangerous for heart disease.  Don’t forget to check the archives for my post on exercise to help prevent Cardiac Disease, and my new Walking Buddy program.  Nicer weather is coming, time to start planning to walk.

So, for tomorrow updates, I will discuss the Carb Cycling diet plan, vs the Plant Based diet plan.  Plus, my husband got me a Fitbit for Valentine’s Day, and I will compare that with my Samsung Health app.  My March calendar, and the special for March will be posted with the next week or so.



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