Happy Valentine’s Day for CKD Patients

Well, really, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, but this post will be geared towards people with CKD.  I was supposed to do my Cardiac nutrition post today, but since it is Valentine’s Day, I will do that post tomorrow, on Foodie Friday.

First, let me say I could give rat’s behind about Valentine’s Day.  Never have, probably never will.  So, for me the very best gift I can receive is a plant, namely that will bloom, to put in my garden.  I love roses the best, just saying!  But, if you are not like me and you would really love a sweet gift, and you have CKD, you know this can be a challenge.  So, I will share some options you can try as long as you take it slow.  For example don’t eat the whole bag, just eat a serving, maybe two.  You will see two images below of my favorite treats.  I only eat a serving size, so for the pretzels 5 pretzels, and the candy, 3 candies.

If you are a chocolate lover, my research shows that white chocolate is the best option for phosphorus and potassium amounts.  If I am baking with chocolate, I choose white chocolate and half the amount.  So, if the recipe says 1 cup, I use a 1/2 cup, and of course 1/4 cup would be even better.  Dark chocolate is healthy, but it does have a good deal of Phosphorus.  Use it in small amounts, only.  Today, I made homemade banana bread with white chocolate chips in it, yum.  I use this banana bread as a breakfast replacement, or lunch, when I am  working, or outside the home.  This reduces the chance of me eating fast food, or from a vending machine.  I also use a healthier flour, brown rice flour.  White flour is lowest in phosphorus, but since I stick to one slice, I choose the healthier all around flour.  Dipping fresh strawberries in chocolate, is also a better option.  I would use white chocolate.

Hard candies are always a good option.  I particularly love Cinnamon candies.  They sell out very fast, and often have to settle for Peppermint.  I carry hard candy with me everywhere, because I have chronic dry mouth, and they come in handy.  If you are diabetic, of course you need to choose a sugar free option.

If you are going out to eat try to stick to the healthiest options you can find.  Low sodium, lower protein, etc.  A grilled chicken salad, or salad and pasta is always a good option.  If you absolutely must have something more special, then only eat half of it, and bring the other half home to enjoy the day after Valentine’s Day.

There are not a ton of options, I know, but you can still celebrate, and not feel neglected.  I say go for a beautiful rose bush you can enjoy all year!



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