Memory Care Learn A New Word A Week Challenge: Belie

Updated 11/01/2021

Woot woot here comes the next word in our weekly challenge.  Belie is the word to memorize for this week.  Look up the definition of this word then in your journal write the word and the definition 10 times.  Then say it out loud 10 times.  Then try to use belie in a sentence.  Go back over all the previous words to make sure you are remembering them.  Say them out loud 10 times each if you need to.  How are you doing so far?  The list is getting longer, and longer, which means it is getting harder and harder.  You can do it! Make sure you find the other words in the archives. I am currently updating all of these posts. I will be creating some free, fun printables for my newsletter followers.

Remember, if you want to learn more ways to improve your memory, and you want me to be your Health Coach, use the contact button to message me and set up a free meet and greet.  You can check out the links below for important info.  I am running a special in February for all new customers.  Get 10% off the monthly plan.  Don’t forget about my new Walking Buddy plan too.  You can message me to discuss that if you need a walking buddy.


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