Foodie Friday: Vitamin C

So, this will be a new feature on this blog.  Every Friday I will focus on something to do with food.  This week, because we are right smack in the middle of Cold and Flu Season, I picked Vitamin C.  Don’t forget for the month of February, all new clients get 10% off my monthly health coaching plan.  The discount is for the monthly plan only.  Yesterday, I introduced my Walking Buddy Plan.  If you are interested in any of that, use the contact button to message me, and set up a free meet and greet.

Another tidbit of info.  As I stated previously I have started a Carb Cycling meal plan.  This is not a Keto meal plan.  Keto is very dangerous for any with Cardiac or Kidney disease.  It is not a diet I would ever follow.  Carb Cycling is alternating between high, or normal Carb intake days, and lower carb days.  I do not ever go below 50 grams of carbs per day, and average 50-75/day, on those days.  With that in mind,  my other nutrition goal is to move to a whole plant based meal plan.  Why?  Because, on my low Carb days, I find myself eating more meat, and cheese options, as they are low Carb.  This is not good for my renal meal plan.  So, I have to learn to eat low Carb options that are plant based.  Completely changing your eating style is very hard, especially when I know the rest of my family is not going to go along with it for themselves.  But, I am determined, and so should you be, whatever your goals are.

Now, about Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin, and more important to kidney patients, any excess not absorbed in the body is excreted in the kidneys.  High doses of Vitamin C, above 1 gram, or 1000 mg, can cause kidney stones in some people.  It can also cause crystal formations under the skin, and in some organs, in very high doses.  Because, Vitamin C does have some antihistamine effects, it is taken quite regularly during Cold and Flu season.  Vitamin C, in pill form, above 250 mg makes me sick to my stomach.  So, it is very easy for me not to take it in supplement form.  However, because used as a prophylaxis it can build the Immune System, avoiding the Cold or Flu, slightly, and possibly shorten the length you have it, I do take 250mg every other day this time of year.  It is debatable whether it is helping my seasonal allergy issues.  Avoiding dairy helps much more.  All doses mentioned in this article are for adults, not children.

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant making it important to wound healing, and possibly cancer and cardiac disease prevention.  If you are trying to stop eating meat, and meat products, then any time you eat high iron plant based foods, you should be taking Vitamin C with it.  For example, when I eat beans, I drink 4 oz of Orange Juice with it.  The Vitamin C helps the body absorb the iron in the plant based foods.

Foods that are naturally high in Vitamin C.  These are the top 10, and in order from highest to lowest, according to My Food Data.  There are cereals that are fortified with Vitamin C.  Please note, when you buy fresh fruits and veggies, they lose a lot of their nutritional value from pick time to purchase time.  Upick farms are great for this, and buying frozen because they are frozen immediately after being picked, sealing in the nutrients.  I do not particularly like frozen fruit, unless I put it in a smoothie, which is a great option.  Frozen veggies often taste fresher, and better than raw.


2. Bell Peppers not the green ones.  They do have Vitamin C, but not as high as the colored variety.

3.  Kiwi

4.  Strawberries

5.  Oranges.  Surprised they aren’t at the top?

6.  Papayas

7.  Broccoli

8.  Tomato

9.  Kale

10.  Snow Peas

Also of note, if you are Diabetic, or on a Renal Diet, you need to monitor the sugar, and Potassium levels in each of these.