Having A Superbowl Get Together with CKD

Updated 2/1/2022: I wrote this in 2019 and man I was not a great writer, nor that knowledgeable about CKD. It has been a journey for me and I have learned so much. So much of our lives revolves around food and family get together. That does not go away just because you have CKD or any chronic illness. I did lose that 5% of body weight, as a matter of fact, I lost almost 10%. I still have more body fat that I would like to get rid of. Keep reading to learn about the issues with that. Also, I stopped exercising 60 minutes a day and went to 30. But, I have to admit I had the best success when I was doing 60 and dietary changes too. I will be doing an updated Superbowl food post soon.

OK, let’s admit it, it stinks having a chronic illness, but it stinks, even more, when there are parties or holidays to celebrate.  To throw another wrench in it, I am trying very hard to lose 5% of my weight.  That is not a whole lot, but the doctor swears I need to.  I exercise 60 minutes, at least 5 days a week, and have cut out so much stuff.  Yet, the scale never changes, unless I am starving myself, and I refuse to do that.  It is so hard to maintain Iron, Vitamin D, and other nutrients on a restricted diet.  I refuse to go backward when I have come so far.  But, I shall keep trying.  I have started Carb Cycling to see if that will help.  I will do another post on this, when I have been on it a while, and feel like I might know what I am talking about.  The skinny is, you have a normal carb day, alternating with a low carb day.  I am aiming for 50 carbs on my low-carb days.  Today is my first day trying the low-carb day.  So far so good.  I do have to be careful, though.  Lower carb foods, in general, mean I will be eating more of some foods I may want to avoid on a renal diet.  However, as long as I stay within my guidelines it should be OK.  Anyway, back to the Superbowl.  Davita has some great ideas for finger foods for the big day.  However, some of them don’t agree much with me.  You can find them by doing a search for Superbowl foods for CKD.  Below is what we will be having, and how I am adapting for myself. Tomorrow is a normal carb day for me, so I don’t have to watch carbs as much.

Chicken Wings:  My husband makes the best chicken wings, and I am not the only one that says that.  He missed his calling and should have been a chef.  But, he does not cook with the healthiest of options.  So, for me, mine will be baked, not deep-fried, and I limit myself to 4 or 5 wings. If you parboil your chicken wings prior to frying, or baking, it will reduce the potassium and phosphorus in the meat.

Mozzarella Sticks with Marinara Sauce:  I am not really adapting these, but sticking to only 3 or 4 sticks, and that is it for me.   Or, I may slice up some extra sharp cheddar cheese, and have that instead, with no sauce.  I can add some Ritz crackers, low sodium, but only a few because they probably have added Phosphorus.  I could make my own Marinara sauce, that will control sodium and other ingredients, or use Salsa. Updated: I have learned that if I eat organic salsa, and mozzarella sticks I will not get as much phosphorus.

Tortilla Chips with Salsa:  Tortilla chips are a better option than potato chips, that is why I get them.  Low Sodium is even better. There will be potato chips also, and Queso dip but I won’t eat those.  They are for our guests.

Veggie and Dip tray:  This is where I fill up on most of my calories.  I love fresh veggies and use Ranch dip.  I make the Hidden Valley kind with the packet and sour cream.  That is my favorite.  Of course, I have to watch the sodium in that.  We will have colored peppers, celery, cucumbers, and cauliflower.

Fresh Fruit:  With Cool Whip, just yum.  Strawberries, and grapes.  Again, a lot of my calories will come from fresh fruit.

Drinks:  We will have soda, but none for me.  No alcohol will be served, but there will be lots of water or Sweet Tea.  I may make some Green Sweet Tea.  It is better homemade, and I use organic honey for my sweetener. Update: I no longer use honey for sweetening, instead I use Stevia.

Remember you need to adapt your Superbowl to your dietary needs, not mine, or anyone else’s.  If you need help in learning or maintaining your needs, and following your diet, message me via the contact form at the end of this post, for a free health coaching consultation.   Don’t forget it is Heart Month, so my Thursday posts will center around Cardiac issues.  Be sure and read the disclaimer below, check out my archives, and maybe you want me to be your Health Buddy.

Oh, and go Rams!  No Patriots fans in this house.