Which Cheese is Best for CKD?

Updated 2/21/2021 I am going to address the issue of cheese as related to CKD, namely Phosphorus content, and Sodium content.  If you read my pizza post last week, then you already know that pizza cheese adds a lot of phosphorus to that dish.  So, to follow up on that here are the cheeses that are the best to use for a CKD, renal diet.  I am not sure any of  these would taste good on pizza, though, except maybe Parmesan.  I used Davita, as well as other nutrition websites, for my data.  They were all in agreement on this issue.  Remember that buying all natural cheeses, or organic is best.  Avoid cheeses that come in a jar, box, or don’t need to be refrigerated and have a very long shelf life.  These are most likely going to be full of Sodium, Phosphorus and other preservatives that can increase the work load of kidneys.  I have been doing a lot of research on Phosphorus, and I found some interesting info about Phosphorus in medications.  That post will come soon.  So, now for the cheeses.  Since I am not covering Potassium, mainly because most cheeses are low in that element, be sure and always read labels, especially for items that are low fat, no fat, or anything other than whole fat.  Remember, when they remove something from a product they have to put something else in to replace it.  If you don’t see your favorite cheese listed, then it is high in Phosphorus.  Plus always check serving sizes.

Best cheese for CKD Phosphorus:

Parmesan shredded.  I assume that means the kind that is on the shelf mostly used for spaghetti is not an option.  Romano cheese is very high in Phosphorus so definitely don’t buy the combined.

Sharp Cheddar.  This cheese is a favorite in my house.

Neufchatel.  I have never had this cheese, no idea how it tastes.

Goat Cheese.  Never tried goat cheese, either.  I might have to, though.

Fontina.  Yep you guessed it, never had it before.

Feta.  This cheese is OK, it just tastes so awful salty to me.

Cream Cheese.  I do use this cheese a lot in place of other cheeses.

Camembert.  Never tried

Brie.  Don’t care for it.

Lowest Sodium Cheese Options.  I use all natural Baby Swiss by Sargento for sandwiches.  brie, goat cheese, all natural cheddar, all natural Swiss, cream cheese, and ricotta are all best choices.   Note mozzarella and American cheeses did not make either of these lists.  I know American cheese in particular is extremely high in sodium.  When I was a kid we used to eat a lot of Velveeta.   You know the kind in the box.  I would have to be starving to eat that now.

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