CKD, What Is It?

As I have mentioned before this blog will be a lot about chronic illnesses, and ways to manage them.  I want to work with people with chronic illnesses, because I can relate to it, both as a nurse, and a personal level.  I will write in simple to understand terms.

Christmas Day 2016, after dinner, I started feeling like I was getting the Flu.  It was not the Flu, my left kidney was failing.  As my symptoms got worse, instead of better, my nurse instincts started to kick in, and I started to think something was seriously wrong with my kidney.  At first I thought kidney stone, or infection was the problem.  By the time the holidays had passed, and I started to have a metal taste in my mouth, I told my husband I have to get to a doctor and quick.  That was when I learned the scary truth, my left kidney had failed, was shrunken and scarred.  I was dumbfounded.  How could I have not known?  How was it never picked up?  Well the truth is CKD is called the silent killer for a reason.  They symptoms are slow, over a long period of time,  and mimic symptoms of many other illnesses.  That was the start of a new chapter in my life:  defeating this illness or at least keeping it stable, avoiding Dialysis or a transplant.

So, what is CKD?  CKD is Chronic Kidney Disease.  There are 5 stages, and I was one point away from being stage 4 when I finally got to a doctor.  I am now 2 points away from stage 2.  My kidney probably had been failing most of my adult life, and I was not even aware.  Oh, I had vague symptoms, but with a sibling and mother with Fibromyalgia, and I had symptoms of Sjogrens I just figured I had Fibromyalgia too, and would just have to live with it.  Not until the kidney just decided to go poof that Christmas Day, did the symptoms and blood work show the truth.  I did not have Hypertension, nor am I Diabetic, two of the leading causes of CKD.  So, that leaves most likely genetic issue, or something I was born with.  I won’t go into all the blah blah blah of how I think being diagnosed was just missed all those years, living in the past will help nothing.

Living with CKD has changed my life forever, plus my children and husband.  We didn’t even know if I would live, that is how sick I was.  The diet changes, exercise limitations, fatigue, fear of breaking a bone, and never wanting to be on Dialysis are stressful and weary at times.  But, I am an optimist, always, and determined to win.

I will be posting about many chronic diseases.  Being a nurse for 31 years, I have taken care of most of them.  There are ways to live a fruitful life with a chronic illness, but it takes determination and work.  There is no magic formula, and everyone is different in both their disease process, needs, and lifestyle.

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