The Boring Stuff!

So, all blogs need something boring, and for me it is all the legal mumbo jumbo.  But, it is necessary, so I shall do it.  This page, along with my Hello page, and available packages will be linked to every post.

Privacy Policy:  These will update as needed.  Right now I have the free version of WordPress, so you may see ads.  Once I upgrade, I will have to decide if I want paid ads on this site.  Right now I am leaning towards no.  WordPress may use cookies, or other ways of tracking when this blog is visited.  I personally will always respect your privacy.  Any discussions between me, and a client are private, period, and kept in a secure way.  All records will be kept for 2 years after our work together has ended.  I do not currently have an email list, or a newsletter.  Again, not sure if I want those, but if I decide I need them, I will update.

Terms and Conditions:  This is a Health Coaching Blog.  I expect anyone who leaves comments to me, or any other participant to be respectful in the manner they speak.  Anyone who does not can be blocked.  Do not contact participants unsolicited.  If you leave a comment, with or without a link, that has nothing to do with the topic at hand, your comment will not be approved.  Please use the contact button, in the top right corner, to contact me.

Disclaimer:  I am a nurse, that is true, but in this business I am a Health Coach.  I am not working under my license.  I am working as an Independent Contractor, with health experience, to help coach clients to a better self.  I will not give medical advice, or mental health counseling.  I am not responsible if you misuse any information I provide to you.  It is your responsibility to take the info, and resources I provide to you, to your health care provider.  Some things obviously will not fall under this such as stress relief, organization skills, mindfulness, memory care, etc.  I will work with any prescribed plans given to you to help you manage, and cope with them such as already made exercise, diet, and medication regimes.

Disclosure of Paid Content:  I love to share products, and services that I personally use and love.  They are unpaid, and just things I love.  If I do a paid post, it will only be after the product is personally tested, and I can give an honest review.  These type of posts will always be disclosed.  All of my resources will always be identified at the end of every blog post if needed.

Copyright of Written or Art Works:  Please do not copy any of my written, or art work, without written consent.  Use the contact button in the right hand corner to message me.

Paid Services:  This is a business, as such I expect to be paid.  All payments are USD, and through my verified Paypal account.  I file as an Independent Contractor for tax purposes, 1099 form, at the end of each year.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


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