Health Buddy Melissa is Now Accepting Clients

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  It is time to get things started.  Below you will find my calendar and dates and times available.  You will see the procedure to follow below, also.  All clients starts with a Meet and Greet, free of charge.  But, first a few things to take note of.

1-  What is Health?  According to Wikipedia, and WHO, Health is defined as:  Health, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  Health may be defined as the ability to adapt and manage physical, mental and social challenges throughout life.

2- What is a Health and Wellness Coach?  Health and Wellness Coaches, teach, motivate, encourage, assist, help, advocate etc.

I, want to be  your Health and Wellness Coach.  Make sure you read my hello page.  Some examples of things I would love to coach you on, though these are just examples, not a complete list.

1-  Chronic Diseases:  management of diet, exercise, walking buddy,  medication management, stress relief, memory, time management, health restrictions, following a health plan, and overall well being.

2-  Homeschool/Nursing Student:  Time management, organization, study assist, stress relief, tips and resources.

3-  Learn a Craft:  I personally have experience in painting, jewelry making, crochet, etched glass.

4-  Etsy/Ebay:  I used Etsy for 10 plus years, and Ebay for probably just as many.

5-  Living and Coping with a chronic illness.

6-  Christianity:  Bible reading, passage memorization, time management

Again, I can work with anyone that is in need of a Health and Wellness Coach.  Now you are ready for a free Meet and Greet.  Up at the right hand side of this page you will see a contact button.  Click on that, after you check the dates and times that are open, and fill out the form to make a Meet and Greet.  I will update the calendar as appointments are made.  I will only be accepting up to 4 clients, and since the Meet and Greet is free, you lose nothing.  You will fill out a short question and answer form prior to the appointment.  Once I get the email for the Meet and Greet, I will send the question form to you, and verify the date and time.  You then return the form to me 24 hours before the meet and greet appointment.  All are done via email, and are 60 min time slots.  All appointments are 60 min, unless otherwise agreed upon.  All hours are Eastern time zone, and all payments are made in USD.

After the Meet and Greet, you will tell me if you want to work with me or not.  If not, we part ways, and you can still read my blog posts, or not.  If yes, then I send the paid agreement to you to pay, review and sign.  All the details will be on that form.  You pick the days and times that work for you, and are open on the calendar, and we start working towards meeting your goals.  The calendar may not be the same each month.  The new calendar will be posted 7 days before the start of the new month.  If you need to make changes that is the time to request them.


Available Packages:  Don’t forget this is all brand new to me.  I may have to change things as I go along.  The prices will not change, those are set in.  Any price increases will be noted in writing to all clients.  I will be setting  up a referral program, and an awards program.  But, that is not ready yet.  The package below won’t line up correctly, just so it is clear the 90 day package is 200 dollars.  The ad ons are 50 dollars per month.  You will receive a copy of your invoice at the time of agreement made, and then after payment made.







Jun 06, 20XX


Aug 06, 20XX


Health Buddy Assessment 1 Free 0.00
Health Buddy Basic-30 Days- All new clients must start with this plan.  You get 1 session a week, times 60 minutes each, via email. At the end we will reassess progress.  You can then continue monthly, or use the 90 day plan. See add ons below. 1 $75.00 $75.00
Health Buddy Moderate-90 Days-  You must complete a 30 day plan before purchasing this plan.  You get 2 sessions a week, times 60 minutes each, via email. You can choose the add ons below if you so desire.
Add Ons:  This option is only available to clients that have completed a 30 day plan.  The add ons are face to face sessions via Skype, or Facebook Messenger, once a week for 30 min. Or you can choose a text message option.  This is in addition to your email sessions, not in place of. This is for people who desire to see who they are speaking to, and so I can visually see something you need me to see.  The price for this add on is 50 dollars a month.
1 $200.00 $200.00


January 2019 Calendar:

January 1:  Full

January 2:  3-5 PM open

January 3:  3-5 PM open

January 4:  Full

January 7:  9-5 open

January 8:  Full

January 9:  9-5 open

January 10:  9-5 open

January 11:  9-5 open

January 14:  9-5 open

January 15:  Full

January 16:  9-5 open

January 17:  9-5 open

January 18:  Full

January 21:  9-5 open

January 22:  Full

January 23:  9-5 open

January 24:  Full

January 25:  9-5 open

January 28:  9-5 open

January 29: 9-5 open

January 30:  9-5 open

January 31:  open



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