Good Thursday morning!  I am in Florida, so it is 1045 AM here.  Where are you located?  Please always feel free to ask questions, and comment on any posts I make.  So as promised this is an about me post.

My name is Melissa.  I am 49 years young, married with 2 children.  I live in FL, but grew up in the Northeast.  I graduated from LPN school, in 1987.  I have been a nurse my whole adult life.  I did it while taking honors classes in High School, no easy feat, trust me.  I have worked in just about every field imaginable in my nursing career.  I even went to Paralegal School at one point, because I thought I would be a Legal Nurse Consultant.  I eventually decided not to pursue that, after doing a 6 month internship at a personal injury law firm.  I have held many certificates over my career, including BLS, ACLS, PALS, Telemetry, I was a BLS instructor for many years,  IV Cert, I was trained in Healing Touch, and many others.  After my first child was born, I let some of the certs go, as being a mom became my number one priority.  When he reached school age, I decided to home school, and he just graduated this year by me, and is now in college.  I have one child left to get through homeschool, and then she will be on her way.  As you probably know nurses, coach, and teach their patients all the time.  That is one of the reasons I feel qualified to be your Health Coach.  I am always learning, reading, taking classes, and further increasing my knowledge.  I am not a certified Health Coach, and did you know I don’t have to be.  In FL, there are no regulations on Health Coaching.  Why do you think that is?  One, I am coaching you to make the decisions you need to make to improve your health.  I am not giving you medical advice, or telling you what to do.  I provide facts, support, and am advocate to empower you to make the changes you want to make to feel better.  I also have a chronic illness.  In 2016, I became very ill.  It was the holidays and I ignored a lot of mild symptoms that ended up being a big issue.  One of my kidneys failed.  The doctors have determined it was slowly failing for years, and it just never got picked up on.  I was so sick, and I even thought I might die.  But through my willingness to learn, adapt, and make the changes I needed I can report that my kidney has gained so much function back.  It will never be normal again, well I can hope, but the chances are very slim.  I know first hand the struggles of living with a chronic illness, and all that goes with it to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I am not fancy.  I don’t write eloquently.  I am honest, and to the point.  I am ferociously organized, and detail oriented.  You will not see all kinds of frills and bows on this blog.  That would just mean I would have to charge you more.  There are lots of Coaches that offer that, but not me.

Why do I want to be your Health Buddy/Coach?  Because I love to help people.  I love to teach, and see people learn and grow.  I have a life set of skills that anyone can tap into.  I love to research, and find new info.  I also feel like when you empower people to advocate for their own health they are more effective at being healthy.  I have been researching, and thinking about this for about a year now.  I feel this is a job that will bring me lots of joy, and growth in a field of medicine I feel is needed.  My niche will be people ages 40-60 with chronic illnesses, or disabilities.  I have read hundreds of coaching blogs, and this is an area that appears to be neglected.  That does not mean I am not willing to help others, but maintaining health with a chronic illness is very important.

What does it mean to be healthy?  Health is so much more than a disease.  It can be preventing a disease or preventing complications to an already existing disease.  It is also social, work, family, education, finding your self, etc.

What will I do for you?  First, what I won’t do.  I won’t give you my personal opinion.  I won’t give medical advice, that is actually illegal.  I won’t make huge promises that will probably not get met.  I want you to succeed, and when you succeed I won’t have a job no more.  That is the ultimate goal for me.  I will empower you, educate you, provide you with resources and facts, teach you to advocate for yourself, be your buddy, be honest, and hopefully you will grow.

I could have written a lot more about myself.  But, longer writings tend to bore people.  I forgot to say I have been blogging for some years.  I am new to WordPress, and need to learn it better, but I have 2 blogs already on Blogger.  A home school blog, and a crafty type blog.  I love to paint, and create jewelry among tons of other things.  That will be another post.

I will be next Thursday with my next blog post.  In January I will officially begin recruiting clients.  My last post in December will lay out all the details, so if you are interested be sure and check back.

My favorite tip:  Do not ever say I can’t.  I truly believe everyone can learn, change, be healthy and happy, no matter the obstacles.